Friday, June 4, 2010

Up to New York

Of all the ways there are to enter New York sailing in is absolutely the best. Especially with a fair full sail breeze.The Atlantic Highlands, the Verazanno Bridge, the skyline, Ambrose light, the Statue of Liberty. Its just incredible. The pleasure of that passage may have been ingrained in our DNA  because many  ancestors saw an earlier iteration of all this as they embarked on the biggest adventure of their lives. Here we are in the big city, guests of the Manhattan Sailing School, enjoying the shade of the tall buildings and the variety of yachts docked around us.
We set sail from Mantoloking with Ed, Pete, John, Kelsey, Mary Beth and myself aboard after waiting on the fog to clear. We used the time on boat improvements and a trip to a marine store. The first part of the trip is all about narrow waterways and lift bridges until the jetties of Manasquan inlet are cleared, then it is the ocean with a reaching breeze and a thick haze rather than actual fog. Mary Beth kept us entertained with sea stories of all descriptions as well as bringing lunch and the skills of a seasoned racing sailor. While in New York we are participating in the festivities surrounding the opening of the sailing season in New York Harbor. We are in good company with the pride of Baltimore tied up nearby and a fleet of yachts that are racing around the world.

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