Saturday, June 5, 2010

New York City

There is nothing like a few days in New York to snap the seamanship into focus. Maneuvering around docks with metal things sticking out of them, dealing with the intense water taxi, ferryboat and commercial traffic, figuring out how to best use the crew in these different situations, and sorting out a variety of rigging issues are all contributing to our education. We hoisted Wendy to the mast head today to deal with a fouled peak halyard and a topping lift issue. I'm sure she had a great view of the harbor. Somewhere down the road we will deal with the dings and scrapes. In the meantime we are having a great deal of fun. my sister and her family got on for cruises last night and this afternoon, meaning we had plenty of power for hoisting and trimming.
Last night we had a classic sunset cruise in New York Harbor with a hazy sky and great views. We sailed alongside the schooner Pioneer for a little while, she is a beautifully proportioned old schooner originally from the Delaware River, hopefully someone got a picture of us reaching along side by side. This afternoon we had a bit of wind and hoisted with a double reef already tied in. That was right as we powered along posing for pictures with the Statue of Liberty, kicking out a little spray and showing a little speed.
Did consider getting out for the run up the East River a little early but the tides don't favor. We were hoping to get a little racing in tomorrow but the East River is not to be trifled with. So we will get off in the late morning to meet up with Barnegat at Oyster Bay by early evening.
All in all new York has been very good, the hospitality continues, Michael Fortenbaugh, Commodore of the Manhattan Yacht Club, has treated us very well indeed.

Photos by Wendy Byar

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