Sunday, June 27, 2010


The run from Portsmouth, RI to Mystic was under power punching into the waves and watching thunderheads form over the land. We had a brief skirmish with a little squall; a little rain, a little noise, but not much wind. By then we had taken the deep reefed sail and even had our foul weather gear on. The sail was up to steady our motion, the sea was very lumpy coming out of the Narraganset but had settled some. Only after we were drying out in Mystic did we find out about the severe squalls experienced to the North and South of us.
When we arrived in Mystic the boat certainly needed a cleaning,the sail needed refurling, and the cabin needed to be emptied into Barnegat waiting just up the pier from us. Darkness was upon us by the time we had her squeezed into a very snug berth and secured. After dealing with the sail the decision was made to relax over some dinner and deal with all the rest in the early morning hours.
The boat has certainly been popular here. We've gotten a steady stream of compliments both from the beard and sheath knife crowd and the blue blazer set. She is truly a grand cat and it is very gratifying to see all of the care that went into the boat being appreciated. Hopefully this will all get translated into more visitors to the shop and even boats to build.
It is good to visit Mystic Seaport on the boat show weekend. All the varnish and brass distracts from the sad state of the Mystic Seaport Museum's own vessels. This place was a source of inspiration to many like myself and now it is suffering like so many other maritime museums. It is true all maritime museums have to reinvent themselves, personally I believe the boats have to get underway, they have to be alive, someone has to truly own them, they need jobs. It is truly sad to see the Dutton with waves in her sheer and no oil on her spars. It is killing those charged with her care and given no resources. It is clear a new mission has to be found and it is especially glaring when there are so many boats getting all the time and skill money can buy right next door. It was the museums that got all this started and they must see to it they are not left behind.

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