Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Little Lunch Time Breeze.

If you're going to get a squall it will be just as the person cooking is reaching the critical phase of his or her art. In this case Pete had put out the salad and was getting ready with the pasta and sauce when the sharply stinging rain hit. The salad headed for the cockpit sole to be rescued by John and the pasta was quickly stowed. There was no thought of a reef for this one. I started the engine as we rounded up and the rescuers of lunch now went after dousing the sail. The wind was in the thirties I think and the sea built quickly out of the full reach of the Narraganset.
We had set out from Mystic in a relaxed fashion and were reaching across Rhode Island Sound when this event demanded our attention. It provided rain, excitement and a no frills furling job before we reached the lee of the land. There we redid the furl and entered Newport Harbor looking presentable. After all we were mooring in front of the New York Yacht Club's Harbor Court and would be enjoying the view from that club before the evening was over.
Wednesday was devoted to ship's work as the cruising crew arranged there travel plans back to Philadelphia and preparations got underway for our first race of the year. The cruising gear has all been moved to a trailer, the electronics have been worked over, a new sail is expected and a deal of work needs to be done as we perfect the running rig. We will be ready and we will be as fast as we can be. What sort of rating do we have? We'll know after the weekend I guess.


  1. Best of luckto the Maid, crew and John!

  2. All wormed and ready to race, best wishes and good speed.