Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bow Ties

      Yes, yes I need to post more pictures but in the meantime a little prose will have to do. Silent Maid is the focus of all the professional crew and a few volunteers. We're pushing along on the cabinet work; a desk for a laptop, a set of shelves over the centerboard case just inside the companionway for all the stuff that wound up in the galley sink last season. Binoculars, bow ties, tide book, dividers and so forth. God that bugged me. but design must follow human behavior, not strive to alter it, so we're providing a place for that stuff in hopes that the galley sink can be the galley sink.
     Yes bow ties, Peter has decided they should be a part of the crew uniform and they are. I hadn't worn a bow tie since the age of seven and that was a clip on.  The arts of the marlinspike sailor are expanding a bit.
     The refrigerator box is nearly done but the task of providing the cockpit seats with gutters and gaskets still remains. The house bank of batteries fit in there new home under the forward bunks. They need to be chocked in and provision made to vent the hydrogen away from them. We don't want to be doing a maritime version of the Hindenburg disaster after all. We're refining things but the time is rapidly approaching when more people will be required to get everything done.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There's a Lot To Do

     Silent Maid was launched last June and sailed all last season visiting points along the Delaware River, the New Jersey Coast,  and the upper Chesapeake Bay.  None of this is to say work was done or even close to the hiatus between construction and maintenance that we grace with the term "done." On her first trip the cabin was packed with tool boxes as we continued with construction while taking on trouble shooting and sailing. That was a cruise from convenience store to convenience store as the galley was not complete. Last summer's goal was to sail with only the tools that fit one very small locker.  By and large we succeeded, on our final cruise of the season from Philadelphia to Chestertown, Md. and back we could even cook a proper meal.
      Next June we set out with a more ambitious schedule, planning to range as far north as Brooklin, Maine, attending every regatta, show and classic yacht race we can find between here, Philadelphia, and there. So now is our chance to build in all the amenities we did without last season. At this moment we are building a refrigerator into one of the cockpit seats and constructing a sophisticated but compact navigation station in the cabin. When we set out we want our electric winches and our out door shower. We want radar and depth sounding. We , well we want everything we have grown accustomed to leaving at home when setting out on a voyage. Big plans.