Saturday, April 24, 2010

Party Time

     We had the museum's 50th birthday party this week. The shop and all the boats in it were as spiffy as we could make them and not interfere too much with actual progress towards the water.  We got Silent Maid's cabin together with all the new parts in place and the cushions on the bunks. Had soft music playing and the crew at the ready to answer questions . A good percentage of the 400 party goers came aboard for a look. All seemed admiring or exceptionally polite and there was universal curiosity about the upcoming cruise. It was all worth putting a suit on for, especially the fireworks at the end of the party. Now its all work all the time as we push towards being afloat in three weeks.
     Joan's PR efforts are paying off. There is a great deal of interest in our upcoming races with Kathleen, the CC Hanley catboat built by the Beetle Cat Boat Shop a few years back. We plan to meet up five times over the course of the summer and race one on one as well as in a larger fleet. One race will be over some distance as we travel from Arey's Pond on Cape Cod's Pleasant Bay, to Bristol, RI.  Two big cats going toe to toe, that's history and the excitement of racing.  What could be better?  

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  1. Two beautiful, powerful cats John.
    How do Kathleen and Silent Maid compare, statistically?