Saturday, April 17, 2010


We are immersed in a world of technical minutia. It must be remembered that the big items are done, the boat did sail for a season after all, but that is difficult to do when these details are pouring in like sand flowing down the face of a dune. The number of little pieces to be found in every system can be disheartening when it s time to fill out purchase orders. Sifting through plumbing parts, electrical connectors and fasteners consumes hour after hour, often in the form of homework. That's where we are and all that can be done is to work through it.
To brighten things up I've put getting the stereo hooked up at the top of the list. At least we can sort through the details with good accompaniment then. This week there is a big fundraiser party at the museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the place. We need to be looking good for that, I'm thinking Silent Maid's interior should be pretty much done and there should be classical music playing down below as we give tours. This is sort of a pre deadline deadline for us. We'll have the boat looking good and be preparing to regroup for a push to the water.
Fifty years, the Workshop has been part of the place for about thirty of those. We keep making boats, restoring boats and maintaining boats. It keeps us young. Or something.


  1. As true as she is to her predecessor, I'm amazed at all the modern tweaking you are all doing to her. Your boss is very demanding, no?

  2. Keeps us smiling that is for sure.