Sunday, April 4, 2010


     Jeff has moved the 24 volt battery bank forward which will help the boat's fore and aft trim. The batteries are charged and the panel powered up. Now he is wiring the foredeck winches. When short handed these will be a godsend for ground tackle, halyards and reefing. Carolyn has been coming in most evenings to varnish. The doors, wheel and all the new furniture are getting shiny. We like shiny. I've been working on the steps into the cabin. One of these will be a sump for the cockpit drains, the other is just a step but  complicated for all of that. We need access to the space under the cockpit, we need a chase for wires and the  bilge pump hoses that empty into the centerboard case, we need clearance for doors and ease of removal. Everything left in this job seems to have 15 conflicting requirements that have to be prioritized and met. somehow.  But we have movement.
     Spring is in the air and we are inching towards the water. The garvey and sharpie that stayed in the water all winter have been uncovered, a row or even a sail are within the range of possibility.

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